Top Retinol Eye Creams

by admin on May 11, 2014

The eyes are where the first signs of aging begin to show. Your eyes do a lot of work, the laughs, cries, and silly faces you make with your loved ones all involve using the muscles around your eyes. It is never too early to start using eye cream to prevent fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. If you are already seeing signs of aging around the eyes there are products to help diminish those flaws.

Retinol is a powerful ingredient that helps shed dead skin, protects you from free radicals, fades hyper pigmentation, and increase collagen production. Retinol is actually Vitamin A, it attaches to aged skin cells and makes them behave like a more youthful one. With that being said, retinol is a hero ingredient for any and all signs of aging around the eyes. It is also preventative, so those who want their eyes to look younger, longer can also benefit. There are so many products on the market, so it may be hard to choose, but these amazing retinol eye creams happen to shine above the rest!

Dermalogica Age Smart Age Reversal Eye Complex-$75.00
No matter your eye issues, this precious formula will blow them out of the water. Dermatologist brand Dermologica, is well known for its high performing ingredients and amazing results. It combines, retinol, vitamin C and peptides, which are all highly effective for fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. The peptides help with further firming and Vitamin C can work with the retinol to reduce dark circles and hyper pigmentation. If your are sensitive, it may be hard to find a product that delivers results without making your eyes water, but this eye cream is formulated without artificial fragrances which can reduce this issue. This product is safe to use during the day granted you are also applying an SPF.

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream-$20.99
Need an effective product that won’t affect your wallet? Rapid Wrinkle Eye Repair could be the answer to your call. Neutrogena has recently branched out into the anti-aging market and many women are raving at the results. It’s retinol SA is proven to perform better than other forms of retinol, it deeply penetrates the skin and helps cell turnover. Some retinol creams can leave the skin feeling dry or tight but Neutrogena added an exclusive glucose complex to help replenish your skin with hydration. A clinical trial was done on women over 40 which compares the Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream to high end department store products and in only one week, surpassed it’s effectiveness. This brand uses breakthrough technology and cutting edge techniques to deliver the results you deserve!

StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Eye Treatment-$75.00
Strivectin is well known for it’s Retinol Night Treatment. It’s won awards and made bestseller’s lists in beauty magazines and superstores. Now this advanced formula has been formulated into an eye treatment and packs just as much punch! Strivectin owns the NIA-114 molecule, a form of Vitamin B3, which boosts the efficacy of your already powerful retinol delivering faster results. Fight puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and even smooth texture with this one awesome treatment. You get the rapid results of retinol, without suffering from peeling, redness, or sensitivity.

Be mindful, skincare is most effective when used consecutively and as directed. The best time to apply retinol is at night, it is very powerful and at higher percentages can make you sun sensitive. Keeping that in mind, it is imperative to wear a sunscreen when using a product that contains retinol. If you avoid using an SPF you can actually reverse results, sometimes allowing flaws to become more prominent!

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Natural Skincare Brands that Rock

by admin on April 20, 2014

As the world moves toward a more green environment, we are a bit more conscious about what ingredients are put into the products we use. Cosmetics especially can be full of synthetic ingredients and we are now aware of how harmful they can be. Look at your skincare products, when you read the back of a label how many words do you actually recognize? Even though we may not know what these things are, we spread it on our skin in the name of beauty. Unfortunately, those who have sensitive skin may not be able to take that risk. They need to ensure they are applying the right ingredients, every time. Natural is a tricky word in the world of cosmetics. Many brands aren’t as natural as they claim to be due to the flexible regulations of the FDA. If you are looking to have a more green skincare routine, here are some natural brands that will rock your world!

Formulated with one hundred percent plant and mineral based ingredients, this brand stays true to its all natural claim. With over thirty skincare products, REN makes formulas for acne, aging, radiance, and skin with specific sensitivities. This brand keeps up with the latest skincare advances and makes sure their products perform to their fullest potential. Shopping this brand is fairly easy, each product is color coded by skin concern and are labeled so you are aware which product is right for you. Along with the ingredient list, there is also a list of things your product has been formulated without in case you are unsure. Prices are moderate, with their most advanced item retailing at eighty dollars. If you are looking to try a product from REN, their most popular is their Glycol Lactic Radiance renewal mask. This powerful mask uses lactic, citric, and glycolic acids to break down dead skin. Omega 3 and 7 help reduce redness and promote optimal cell health.

This Japanese brand believes in making high quality products without chemical preservatives. Chemical preservatives are sometimes responsible for blemishes and allergic reactions. Their most active ingredients are plant based staying true to old skin care remedies. Jojoba leaf and willow herb are two ingredients that are placed in each of their products because of their ability to help with various skin concerns. Their products are manufactured in a “clean room” which are run solely by machines. Their packaging is also bacteria free, there is no need to dip your finger in a jar because even those have a pump to ensure your product is potent to the very last drop! This brand is known for its brightening products. Their best selling black mask is a peel-off formula that helps you get luminous skin!


A French created by power couple Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas who were inspired by the powers of a grape vine after visiting a winery in Bordeaux. Along with two others, this exact winery is where the Thomas’ get some of their precious ingredients. Caudaile is huge on the use of antioxidants. These awesome ingredients help fight aging and protect your skin from environmental damage. Their product’s delivery systems ensure you get the most out of each ingredient, including their patented blends. Their most precious product is the Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream 0.5 fl oz.. This line is packed with so many ingredients that it claims to replace the rest of your skincare routine!

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